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As Lao Tzu once said, “The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step.” Response Services is taking that step. For years, our parent company, Response Systems has been assisting underserved, medically vulnerable populations, but Response Services is picking up from there. Response Services, a 501(3)(c), exists to cultivate community connections designed to help vulnerable populations with humanitarian aid and assistance.

Our core belief is that aid only goes so far to help people in crisis. Only by putting affected populations in the driver’s seat can real change occur. To that end, Response Services aims to empower local communities in implementing humanitarian interventions by revolutionizing the way donations are used. We rely on a partnership model to implement long-term solutions in communities impacted by poverty and injustice.

The foundation of our work involves placing affected populations at the center of the humanitarian effort. We partner with local leaders and businesses to decide what is needed and how those needs are best met. We listen to citizens’ unheard voices to develop and implement long-term solutions designed to transform lives for generations.

Our vision is to give every person in affected communities access to
food, quality education, gainful employment, and a healthy environment
by fostering local partnerships that aid in developing permanent solutions.

To that end, we have partnered with the NGO, Justice for All, to invest in affected communities in three key ways:

  • Affordable private Christian schools with a community food pantry
  • Green/organic farm-to-table franchise businesses and entrepreneurship
  • Green waste management

We are working with Justice for All to develop and fund local partnerships designed to strengthen the resilience of affected communities to cultivate long-lasting change. We believe that only by walking in step with affected populations can we develop long-term solutions for the future.

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Who We Are

Who Are We

Response Services is a nonprofit organization with a main office based in Washington D.C. The organization is an offshoot of its parent company, Response Systems, which has assisted under-served, medically vulnerable populations since 2005. Response Services is funded by grants and donors with an interest in cultivating long-lasting community partnerships designed to help populations affected by poverty and injustice.

What We Do

What We Do

Response Services has launched initiatives to help vulnerable populations in the Middle East. We work with local leaders to determine how existing needs can be met then develop and implement long-term solutions. We help the community’s citizens be the change-makers by fostering local partnerships that give affected populations access to food, education, vocational training and community services.

Why We Do It

Why We Do It

We believe every person deserves access to food, education, employment opportunities and a healthy environment, and that race, religion and circumstance should not dictate who has these things. We believe we must empower local communities in our humanitarian efforts. Our vision is to assist affected populations by cultivating community connections that transform lives for generations.


Make a gift today to help Response Services cultivate community connections that transform affected communities for generations to come. Your donation helps us provide vulnerable populations with access to healthy food, quality education, employment opportunities, and a healthy environment.